Personal, natural, sustainable.

For your wedding and setting, garden and indoors. 

These works of art create a sacred space, curiously timeless and relevant.

With branches, there is perfection in their form. Point A to point B is not a straight line. The building process is unusually linked to balance then are secured, safely and naturally, and beautifully.

For landscape or interior, built from sustainable trees. Each branch sculpture is designed with a particular person or people in mind. Your natural structure will give a quiet sense of place, attraction, and balance in any season.  Working with decorators or designers, These can be built to make the most of any setting.

“I began making these sculptures at an early age. Dedicated to working with people through Better Balance In Reach, I enjoy making these sculptures, as they balance landscapes, and suggest that perfect lines, and balance as it exists  in nature.”  Robert Bangiola

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