About Robert

Talking about Balance and Pain Management

Robert’s practice and Bangiola Protocol development began in 2006, when studying Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) with the Upledger Institute. He pursued CST to answer questions about his own unusual high physical sensitivity and his sympathetic sensation. Combined, these traits enable him to actually feel what others feel in their bodies. Robert has also studied Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Mindful Caregiving at the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco, Alexander Technique, and others, including the healing Bengston Method with Dr. Bill Bengston.

Prior to opening Better Balance In Reach, Robert was an Art Manager. Helping artists better connect with their art and audiences, Robert’s resume includes NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Materials for the Arts, BAM, Bard College, Disney, and he served as cultural envoy to Kenya with the US State Department. He learned a great deal about physical experience and expression, which is why his life-long passion for his stick table sculptures is so intimately tied to his mission of better balance.  Read more about his stick table sculpture here.   

Personally, Robert is a certified foster parent, a proud uncle 30 times, godfather and “guidefather.”   

“I learned lessons in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and East and West Africa. I’ve been to natural and man-made places, some sacred, some unexpected. I learned the depth of sensitivity and it’s ability to heal, provide comfort, and provide a dynamic body/mind comfort that is earthy, dynamic, and not at all fussy.”   

What to Expect

In sessions, Robert holds hands, or head, or feet. He developed the Bangiola Protocol, a series of exercises based on three poses—including sacred poses, and three meridians.  Helping people of all capabilities, clients become more aware of their body, and what it is telling them. 

Today he practices no-manipulation/no-motion touch treatment. 

Robert opened Better Balance In Reach at the encouragement of clients.