NeuroBalancing: Private Sessions

"An unexpected but soothing healing experience which made me totally reset in a way I never have felt before. The warmth in his hands was extraordinary"

- Catherine H

Private Sessions Body and NuroBalancing sessions of 45 or 90 minutes. The preferred environment is quiet and holds few distractions, but house calls are best. After talking, we will spend time in quiet, with my hands on your head, shoulders, hands or feet. Expect warmth, kindness and gentle touch on only these areas, and without ritual. My practice is unique, and there are many ways to measure its results.  While my treatments are no substitute for medical or spiritual healing, sessions can be very productive.  

Based on my personal work and studies of CranioSacral, Reiki, Palliative Care and other techniques, you can expect comfort and assisted relief from:

physical pain


sport injury

pre and post surgery

posture related issues

cycle of life transitions 

addiction recovery





What Clients Say

"The heat in Robert's hands went to exactly where it was needed.  It was quite powerful." 

"I'm taking away the sensation of feeling like I am balanced, like riding a horse, or swimming. Robert's guidance through a quiet session was helpful for reflection on my body and soul, a truly unique experience with lasting benefits"

- Aline G.

"Sciatica vanished, something about the session reminded me of how to feel good... for a few weeks." 

"I sought help from Bob for my dog's stranger anxiety. Bob had an uncanny rapport immediately with my dog and over a series of sessions, he was able to identify the source of my dog's anxiety, and offer soothing techniques that I can use with my dog to allay his fear and encourage his confidence when around strangers. Very grateful to Bob."

- Becky S


"It really helped my neck.  It hasn't bothered me for weeks after the sessions. "  


Rates and Contact


Sessions are 90 minutes, but I only take three appointments a day to ensure a relaxing and comforting visit.

Combination Float Tank/ Balance Sessions are available.

Pricing flexible based on need.  Contact me.

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Gift certificates are available.


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