Balance Buckets and Worksops

Toys: Balance Buckets

This playful handmade tool consists of platforms and branches that teach about foundations of balance. People of all ages play and build structures that are very similar to my large sculptures and the options are limitless! The bucket itself is not only a container, it is a metaphor for how we carry ourselves and use our bodies.  Balance Buckets are available in three easy-to-store sizes; quotes for larger outdoor installations available upon request.  

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Escape "click and swipe" and wait-on-hold-blues.  Release eye-hand dopamine while building, and have something to show and share! 


Workshop Option One:  Balance Buckets. In this work shop I introduce participants to Balance Buckets and address how the body fits together, and the important of grounding and balance for comfort, stress reduction and mind/body empowerment.   After sharing images of my art and letting participants create their own structures with the Balance Bucket, I lead exercises about body awareness and anatomy. I also discuss my career and my travels as they pertain to balance. Depending on the context and the intent, the feeling of body awareness can be relaxing, meditative or even energizing.   Participants will leave the workshop with tools to become more grounded and balanced, which will enable them to feel comfortable and engaged in any setting.

Workshop Option Two:  Body Balancing.  In this workshop I use my protocol to so participants how to align their bodies and find a comforting center of gravity and balance. This is great for individuals and groups. As a relaxation  tool, or a way to get acquainted with another person or a group, this workshop has lasting effects.

Giant outdoor stick tables

Tensile strength: a metaphor for the systems of the body, 

and how they work as one.

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